Competition Rules


The relevant competition entry fee must be paid to the organisers to enter. This fee is over and above your general access to the Festival of Fire.

Contestants confirm that they are not under excessive influence of alcohol, any illegal drugs, natural or man-made chemicals (e.g. cannabis, anaesthetic agents) and may be tested. Contestants accept that the organisers have the right to eliminate a contestant from the competition at any stage.

Competitions/challenges (i.e. Chilli Eating Competition, Hot Chip Challenge, Kid Chilli Choc Challenge, Hot Wing Challenge) will consist of a series of rounds or levels with participants able to withdraw at any stage either during a round or before the next one begins.

With the exception of the Chilli Eating Competition, other challenges/contests are more orientated around friendly participation and is designed as personal challenges and a fun experience.

Each contestant recognises that excessive consumption of chilli can lead to and/or contribute towards health issues.

By acquiring a competition entry ticket it is implied that you have read and agree to the competition rules, and the terms and conditions of each competition/challenge prior to entry i.e. age etc.


Contestants must be 18 years of age or older to enter the competition.

Only 15 spots are available for this international level competition.

The competition entry fee does not grant general access to the festival. To enter the festival grounds, please ensure you purchase a separate general access ticket.

A prequalifying video needs to be submitted via Wetransfer to, with you eating a fresh chilli with a minimum of 1 million Scoville units. You will receive an official invitation to participate, once your application has been reviewed and approved. 

The Chilli Eating Competition is for the more seasoned, experienced individuals with very high chilli heat tolerance. 

The chilli peppers will begin at a mild heat and will increase based on the Scoville scale as rounds progress in the Chilli Eating Competition. Each contestant will receive a single chilli pepper in each round, and will be required to eat the entire chilli: flesh, seeds and membrane, excluding the stalk and calyx. Contestants will be allowed to finish any chilli remaining in their mouth when time is called after one minute. This rule does not apply to tie breaker situations.

Contestants may not coat the inside of their mouth with any kind of protective coating and anyone caught doing so, will be immediately disqualified or their win revoked.

The Chilli Eating Competition winner will be determined by being the last remaining contestant willing to continue in the contest. In the event of a tie, remaining contestants will enter into a “Speed Round” where the first one to finish will be declared the winner.

Each contestant will be given milk to consume when desired, but drinking any liquid will result in automatic disqualification.

Any contestant that vomits during the contest or cannot complete a round will be disqualified.

The judges' decision is final.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 positions.

No live streaming by contestants will be allowed on stage, via mobile phone or any other device.  


You do not have to attend to enter into the competition.

Entry forms must be filled in online, with your Certificate of Acceptance (COA) uploaded. No entries without a COA will be accepted. 

You may enter as many products as you like. A competition entry fee applies per product. The relevant competition entry fee must be received within 48 hours after your approval for it to be considered eligible. 

The competition is open to anyone in South Africa, with winners getting the official Festival of Fire 2024 accolade. 

All product entries must be carefully packaged. We will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during shipping. Submissions to be send by courier to Festival of Fire - the address will be provided on your application approval. Courier fees will be for the applicant's account.

All entries must be correctly canned and sealed according to standard food and health safety procedures. Festival of Fire reserves the right to discard and disqualify any entries that are not properly canned or sealed, according to food and health safety procedures or that arrive damaged from shipping. 

Your product should not require refrigeration prior to opening.

All sauce entries MUST be natural and MUST NOT CONTAIN artificial substances (crystals, extracts or any other unnatural ingredients). We are all about celebrating artisanal, gourmet sauces in their purest form! 

For each product entry, please submit one(1) unlabelled bottle for blind tasting. Use the Festival of Fire bottle tag from your competition pack accordingly. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they use the correct tags on submission/s and that tags are correctly classified. 

Classification consist of listing your ingredients. Any deception will lead to an immediate disqualification.

Accolades will be presented to the Tastiest Ferment, Tastiest Cooked, Hottest Ferment and Hottest Cooked Hot Sauces. Hot Sauces will be judged on the following criteria: Visual Appearance, Flavour, Texture, Aroma, Salinity and Originality.

Products must reach Festival of Fire's address not later than 31 March 2024.

Organisers will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged entries and reserve the right to refuse any product that, in their judgment, may present a health hazard. In any of the categories that are judged, all declared winners are final. No containers or leftover products will be returned. 

All entry fees are nonrefundable. 

The top 4 finalists in each category will receive a final vote by the public/festival goers on the day. If you are announced as a finalist you would need to provide ample Hot Sauce for this purpose and it should reach Festival of Fire's address not later than 12 April 2024. Unlabelled sauces will be presented to the public.

The contest rules have been established for the best interests of all concerned. In the event of necessity, any rule may be altered at the discretion of Festival of Fire. In any event, all interpretation of rules and final decisions will rest with the event coordinators. The decisions of the judges are final, binding, and conclusive in all matters. By entering your product and/or signing the entry form, you understand these rules and agree to abide by the decisions of the event coordinators.

hot chip challenge

Only 15 spots are available.

The challenge entry fee does not grant general access to the festival. To enter the festival grounds, please ensure you purchase a separate general access ticket.

Contestants must be 18 years of age or older to enter the challenge. 

The challenge consist of 3 chips, with participants eating one chip per round.

Chips are generously coated with fiery superhot chilli powder, increasing in heat up to the last chip with Carolina Reaper. All natural ingredients, no artificial additives.

After the first chip there will be a one (1) minute burn period. A two (2) minute burn period after the second chip. A three (3) minute burn period after the third and final chip.

Participants will be provided something to drink, but by consuming any liquid will mean that you tap out of the challenge.

This is not a competition and no disqualification applies. It is purely a challenge and should be seen as a personal venture.

Participation certificate will be awarded.

kid chilli choc challenge

Only 15 spots are available. 

The challenge entry fee does not grant general access to the festival. To enter the festival grounds, please ensure you purchase a separate general access ticket.

The contestants must be between the age of 6 to 12 years old (with approval of a guardian).

Guardians need to assist the kids and provide support by removing a child from a competition if they see it necessary.

Kids will be provided something to drink, but it is up to them if they want to consume it during the challenge. There is no disqualification as this is a friendly challenge and more a personal achievement for the little ones.

Participation certificate will be awarded to each child.

hot wings challenge

This challenge is open to ticket holders and is exclusively available at the dedicated food truck hosted for Festival of Fire for this purpose.  

Hot wings or plant based nuggets will be coated with local artisanal Hot Sauces. Please order your challenge as soon as you can, as it will be subject to availability and demand.

Share your hot wing experience online using #FestivalOfFireSA and stand a chance to win an amazing prize for the most voted post, or most entertaining. Winner will be announced 1 week after the event. 

GOOD LUCK to everyone!