Demonstrations - LineUp

  • 11h10Chilli Paste Demo

    Ultra Gadgets' Grater Plates instantly grates garlic, ginger, peppers, nuts, hard cheese, lemons and so much more! Made in South Africa! See how it easy it is to make a fragant Chilli Paste.
  • 11h55Chilli Germination & Kratky Growing

    A demo by AfterGrow Burn demonstrating various seed germination methods and the factors impacting on germination. How to transfer a seedling or young plant into a Kratky bucket or any other hydro setup as well as the basics of different growing methods.
  • 12h40Gnocchi from Scratch

    Chef Tiaan Langenegger is a South African chef known for his culinary skills and contributions to the gastronomic scene. Watch him make Gnocchi from scratch with mushrooms and delectable chilli crunch.
  • 13h25Burger and devil fries from scratch

    Chef Tiaan Langenegger continues to delight festival goers, with his unique take on a great burger and chips. But this is no ordinary version, made from scratch.
  • 14h10Fiesta Finger Foods

    Impress your guests at your next get-together! Chef Sarah Withey showcase how to make 3 delicious finger food recipes, incorporating chilli and unique blend of Turqle SA spices
  • 14h55One Pot Chilli Pasta

    Chef Ul-Rich will dazzle you with this one pan pasta demo, showing you how to make an easy but delicious pasta infused with Banhoek Chilli oil.