Triangles of Fire

Made popular through viral videos and social media, South Africa has its own spicy Hot Chip challenge. But this is no imitation...rather than a single chip, you will be enduring multiple rounds.

You would need to eat a trio of very spicy tortilla chips, one chip per round. Chips are generously coated with fiery superhot chilli powder, increasing in heat up to the last chip with Carolina Reaper (the hottest chilli pepper according to The Guinness Book of Records), and must be consumed without water or other cooling agents. No artificial ingredients added here - just pure, natural burn!

The challenge will have a burn period between each chip, extending in duration with each round.

It is important to remember that the challenge is not a measure of toughness or bravery and should not be taken too seriously. Open to anyone over 18 years. But remember you will feel pain!

Please ensure you have read and agree to the Competition Rules before buying your ticket. Limited spots available! 

The challenge entry fee does not grant general access to the festival. To enter the festival grounds, please ensure you purchase a separate general access ticket.

R100 P/P