Activities - Lineup

  • 10h00Gates Open

    Join the Hottest Chilli Festival in South Africa. Show your support by buying delicious chilli based products from our artisanal and local producers, while you enjoy delectable food options (hot or not). There are also lots of chilli fun on the festival grounds, plus extra activities on the day to enjoy.
  • 11h00Kids Chilli Chocolate Challenge

    An exclusive Kid Friendly Chilli Chocolate challenge, created by Johnny Hexburg Hot Sauce for Festival of Fire. Open to KIDS between 6 to 12 years old. Watch them eat one small spicy chocolate piece over multiple rounds, with the heat intensifying each time. Limited spots available, so get your challenge tickets today!
  • 11h30Death by Chocolate Challenge

    An endurance challenge created by Johnny Hexburg Hot Sauce, and only available at the Festival of Fire! Contestants of this challenge, must devour mind-bending, supercharged chilli chocolate. Each piece delivers an equally intense heat, thanks to extreme superhot chilli powder, BUT with a few unexpected added twists to fully assault the senses. Open to contestants 18 years and older. Limited spots available, so get your challenge tickets today!
  • 12h05Trio Hot Chip Challenge

    Things are heating up! Watch participants eat a Trio of spicy tortilla chips, generously coated with fiery superhot chilli powder, increasing in heat up to the last chip with Carolina Reaper (the hottest chilli pepper according to The Guinness Book of Records). No artificial ingredients added here - just pure, natural burn!
  • 13h15Chilli & Health Talk

    A talk by Aceso Culture centered around Chilli and how it has a positive impact on the body. Also highlighting the misconceptions about Chilli, to how it is a powerful antioxidant and can be used to treat inflammation, and be used as a medicine.
  • 14h00The Sterkbek Show

    Sterkbek is a spicy interview series, where Nick AKA the 'Godly Giemba’, Cape Town's favourite foodie, hosts celebrity guests where they chat, eat and burn with Nick's 5 Hot Sauces. The show is funny, informative and quirky! Guests burn and audiences laugh in this epic hot food show that will be airing for its second season on DSTV’s VIA, Channel 147.
  • 15h45Chilli Eating Competition

    Definitely one of the main attractions! Contestants and the SA Chilli Eating Champion, will battle it out over multiple rounds, consuming a range of fresh chilli up to the hottest kind known to man. Each round getting more extreme. You do not want to miss this!
  • 16h45Awards & Lucky Draws

    Stand a chance to take a little heat and other exciting offers home, with our Lucky Draws (keep your unique ticket number on hand for this). Also join us as we crown the chilli eating champion!