The Festival of Fire™ is more than just a fun and fiery event – it is also a great opportunity for businesses and organisations to connect with a vibrant and passionate community. 

By becoming a sponsor of the festival, you can reach a large and engaged audience of chilli lovers, foodies, hobbyists, gardeners and families who are eager to discover new products, services and experiences. 

Sponsorship provides a unique platform for your brand to connect with potential customers, and to support the local community through your investment in this event. 


Any South African chilli based or corporate organisations are welcome to apply to be the Key Sponsor or one of the Supporting Sponsors for our annual Chilli Festival.

We are hosting this event in harmony with our mission to support the chilli community, create awareness about products and suppliers as well as to showcase the chilli entrepreneur opportunities to the South African market.

Your contribution will support our cause, but also help to promote your brand in the community. From the moment you commit to supporting our event, we will provide you with the best possible sponsorship benefits.

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